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What is Belly?

Belly is here because we saw a need. A need to make loyalty easily accessible to all customers and readily available at every business. We offer a program that fits each business�s personality, culture, brand, and objectives in order to foster more personal relationships with their customers while simultaneously delivering meaningful customer analytics. We are taking the concept of �customer loyalty�, flushing out the add-ons and unnecessary hoops and breaking it down to its simplest parts: a business and its customers.


In July of 2011, the iconic Belly iPad launched at a small comic bookstore in Chicago. For the very first time, a locally owned business could enhance its customer relationships by tracking in-store experiences and bringing them to the online world. Since then, Belly has grown to over 6 thousand locations across the county, is in the hands of millions of Members, and has accumulated over 15 million visits. The Belly platform includes best-in-class iPhone and Android mobile apps, Belly Bites for better customer acquisition, tools to facilitate online customer reviews and streamlined Facebook and Twitter integrations. And we are just getting started.

Board of Directors

  • Bod-brad-keywell

    Brad Keywell


    Brad is a co-founder and managing partner of Lightbank. He has also acted as a founder and director for several firms, including InnerWorkings, Inc., a global provider of managed print and promotional solutions; Echo Global Logistics, Inc., a technology-enabled transportation and logistics outsourcing firm; MediaBank, LLC, a leading provider of integrated media procurement technology; and Groupon.com, Inc.

    Brad is currently on the Foundation Board of Trustees of NorthShore University HealthSystem, the Board of Trustees of Imerman Angels, the Board of Directors of Warrior Productions, a Trustee of the University of Michigan Hillel Foundation, and a member of the Chicago chapter of the Young Presidents� Organization.

  • Bod-jeff-jordan

    Jeff Jordan

    Andreessen Horowitz

    Jeff is a general partner of Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. Prior to Andreessen, Jeff was president and CEO of OpenTable, the world�s leading online restaurant reservation site, and the President of PayPal. Leading up to PayPal, Jeff was the SVP/general manager of eBay North America from 1999 and oversaw eBay.com, eBay Motors, Half.com and eBay.ca.

  • Bod-logan-lahive

    Logan LaHive


    Logan is the CEO and founder of Belly. Logan founded Belly in August of 2011, as a founder-in-residence at Lightbank, a digital technology VC firm focused on seed and Series A investments in disruptive technologies. Previously, Logan was the Director of New Business at Redbox, where he was tasked with sourcing, testing, and launching new businesses for the company. He was promoted to the position after successfully leading the company�s initiative to test and rollout video game rentals. Logan has spent 7 years in startups, focused on launching features, sales and marketing plans, and new product lines.

The Team

  • Logan LaHive, Founder & CEO

    Logan LaHive

    Founder & CEO
  • Craig Ulliott, CTO & VP of Product

    Craig Ulliott

    CTO & VP of Product
  • Paul Spiller, SVP of Strategy

    Paul Spiller

    SVP of Strategy
  • Arman Ghosh, SVP of Sales

    Arman Ghosh

    SVP of Sales
  • Ryan Jeffery, VP of Business Development

    Ryan Jeffery

    VP of Business Development
  • Daniel Gloede, VP of Finance

    Daniel Gloede

    VP of Finance
  • Profile image missing

    Matt Crist

    Territory Manager
  • Profile image missing

    Adam Joseph

    Territory Manager
  • Paul Tearson, Territory Manager

    Paul Tearson

    Territory Manager
  • Daniel Chambers, Territory Manager

    Daniel Chambers

    Territory Manager
  • Geoff Tanner, Member Strategy Coordinator

    Geoff Tanner

    Member Strategy Coordinator
  • Peter O'Toole, Territory Manager

    Peter O'Toole

    Territory Manager
  • Jason Fuchs, Territory Manager

    Jason Fuchs

    Territory Manager
  • Spencer Zlatin, Territory Manager

    Spencer Zlatin

    Territory Manager
  • Brian Quinlan, Territory Manager

    Brian Quinlan

    Territory Manager
  • Brian Olson, Territory Manager

    Brian Olson

    Territory Manager
  • Hannah Tyrrell, Market Strategy Coordinator

    Hannah Tyrrell

    Market Strategy Coordinator
  • Greg Hendle, Market Strategy Coordinator

    Greg Hendle

    Market Strategy Coordinator
  • Roger Frigstad, Territory Manager

    Roger Frigstad

    Territory Manager
  • Megan Myers, Lead Generation Analyst

    Megan Myers

    Lead Generation Analyst
  • Joseph DiVita, Senior Backend Architect

    Joseph DiVita

    Senior Backend Architect
  • Jennifer Ries, Territory Manager

    Jennifer Ries

    Territory Manager
  • Christian Vozar, Senior Backend Architect

    Christian Vozar

    Senior Backend Architect
  • Juan Tapia, Territory Manager

    Juan Tapia

    Territory Manager
  • Gustavo Abdelnour, Territory Manager

    Gustavo Abdelnour

    Territory Manager
  • Eric Kerr, Front End Engineer

    Eric Kerr

    Front End Engineer
  • Danny Sanchez, Marketing Analyst

    Danny Sanchez

    Marketing Analyst
  • Elissa Beckman, Director of People

    Elissa Beckman

    Director of People
  • Halle Waite, Recruiting Coordinator

    Halle Waite

    Recruiting Coordinator
  • Josh Jernigan, Territory Manager

    Josh Jernigan

    Territory Manager
  • Darby Frey, Software Engineer

    Darby Frey

    Software Engineer
  • Shay Howe, Director of Product

    Shay Howe

    Director of Product
  • Patrick Lanier, Territory Manager

    Patrick Lanier

    Territory Manager
  • Adam Svoboda, Purchasing Associate

    Adam Svoboda

    Purchasing Associate
  • Jon Hollowell, Senior Territory Manager

    Jon Hollowell

    Senior Territory Manager
  • Nick McHugh, Market Strategy Associate

    Nick McHugh

    Market Strategy Associate
  • Siobhan Lawler, Market Strategy Associate

    Siobhan Lawler

    Market Strategy Associate
  • Paige Bovino, Market Strategy Manager

    Paige Bovino

    Market Strategy Manager
  • Daniel Mason, Data Scientist

    Daniel Mason

    Data Scientist
  • AJ Self, Enginerd

    AJ Self

  • Jon White, Software Engineer

    Jon White

    Software Engineer
  • Kevin Reedy, Infrastructure Architect

    Kevin Reedy

    Infrastructure Architect
  • Ross Wiethoff, West Regional Manager

    Ross Wiethoff

    West Regional Manager
  • Spencer McCluskey, Senior Territory Manager

    Spencer McCluskey

    Senior Territory Manager
  • Michael Collins, Market Strategy Manager

    Michael Collins

    Market Strategy Manager
  • Marino Ruiz, East Regional Director

    Marino Ruiz

    East Regional Director
  • Venu Raghavan, Business Analyst

    Venu Raghavan

    Business Analyst
  • Dustin Zweck, Senior Territory Manager

    Dustin Zweck

    Senior Territory Manager
  • Vincenzo Frangella, Market Strategy Manager

    Vincenzo Frangella

    Market Strategy Manager
  • Mary Claire Anderson, Senior Recruiting Manager

    Mary Claire Anderson

    Senior Recruiting Manager
  • Colin Kelahan, Senior Market Strategy Manager

    Colin Kelahan

    Senior Market Strategy Manager
  • Mike Van Kempen, Financial Analyst

    Mike Van Kempen

    Financial Analyst
  • Tyler Abitz, Senior Market Strategy Manager

    Tyler Abitz

    Senior Market Strategy Manager
  • Andy Johnson, Market Launch Manager

    Andy Johnson

    Market Launch Manager
  • Kyle Butler, Inbound Sales Manager

    Kyle Butler

    Inbound Sales Manager
  • Jenny Beightol, Director of Words

    Jenny Beightol

    Director of Words
  • Jeremy Von Halle, Business Analyst

    Jeremy Von Halle

    Business Analyst
  • Trip Biesanz, Senior Territory Manager

    Trip Biesanz

    Senior Territory Manager
  • Mickey Sparrow, General Manager

    Mickey Sparrow

    General Manager
  • Kristin Berlin, Senior Graphic Designer

    Kristin Berlin

    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Kyle McConnell, Creative Director

    Kyle McConnell

    Creative Director
  • Benjamin Luber, Selling Innovations Manager

    Benjamin Luber

    Selling Innovations Manager
  • Jackie Burke, Project Manager

    Jackie Burke

    Project Manager
  • Jeni Citro, Director of Client Marketing

    Jeni Citro

    Director of Client Marketing
  • Carly Fleming, Sales Training

    Carly Fleming

    Sales Training
  • Shea Steacker, General Manager

    Shea Steacker

    General Manager
  • Patrick Williamson, Senior General Manager

    Patrick Williamson

    Senior General Manager
  • Dina Hackel, General Manager

    Dina Hackel

    General Manager
  • Megan Ficho, Chief Coordinator

    Megan Ficho

    Chief Coordinator
  • Chris Ingebrigtsen, Head of Mobile

    Chris Ingebrigtsen

    Head of Mobile
  • Kate Holden, Sales Operations Manager

    Kate Holden

    Sales Operations Manager
  • Meghan McCambridge, Enterprise Sales Manager

    Meghan McCambridge

    Enterprise Sales Manager
  • Tommy Johnson, Market Launch Director

    Tommy Johnson

    Market Launch Director
  • Elyse Obron, Enterprise Sales Manager

    Elyse Obron

    Enterprise Sales Manager
  • Jay OConnor, Director of Engineering

    Jay OConnor

    Director of Engineering
  • Aaron Bankhurst, Enterprise Sales Manager

    Aaron Bankhurst

    Enterprise Sales Manager
  • Lauren White, Purchasing & Operations Manager

    Lauren White

    Purchasing & Operations Manager
  • Dave Arel, Director of JavaScript Engineering

    Dave Arel

    Director of JavaScript Engineering
  • Tiffany Augsburg, Director of Strategic Projects

    Tiffany Augsburg

    Director of Strategic Projects
  • Kuriakos Mellos, Central Regional Manager

    Kuriakos Mellos

    Central Regional Manager

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Working at Belly is not a job. It’s a career game changer.

We hate the word “job.” It makes us think of butt-numbing uncomfortable office chairs, cubicles filled with broken filing cabinets and adults who eat premade soup in thermoses for lunch. These situations don’t happen at Belly, unless it’s “Go Back in Time to 1989” Day. We’re redefining the cultural landscape without even meaning to. Belly Employees thrive off of entrepreneurial energy, which is liberally mixed into the water cooler and is most effective when taken with a meal. We are rapidly growing, exponentially improving and persistently demanding excellence in everything we do. We’re a hotbed for employee ingenuity and we’re confident enough to admit it.

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